Ratan Tata’s Remarkable Journey: From Employee to Business Icon

Ratan Tata, the man behind the legacy of the Tata Group, is now a globally renowned business icon with a remarkable 155-year-old heritage to uphold. However, few are aware that he began his career as an employee. Under his leadership, the Tata Group evolved into a trillion-dollar conglomerate. In this article, we delve into the early stages of Ratan Tata’s career, including how he crafted his first bio-data and secured his first job.

Ratan Tata’s First Bio-data

After returning to India, Ratan Tata landed a job at IBM. However, his mentor, J.R.D. Tata, wasn’t pleased with this decision. Ratan Tata recalled, “One day, he called me and asked why I couldn’t work for IBM here in India.” To join the Tata Group, Ratan Tata had to share his bio-data with J.R.D. Tata. At that time, he didn’t have a bio-data ready. Ratan Tata created his bio-data on an electric typewriter in the IBM office. He said in a media interview, “I remember I was in the IBM office, and he (J.R.D. Tata) asked me for my bio-data, which I didn’t have. Since there was an electric typewriter in the office, one evening, I sat down and typed out my bio-data.”

Ratan Tata

The First Job in 1962

After sharing his bio-data, Sir Ratan Tata secured his first job with Tata Industries in 1962. Nearly three decades later, in 1991, after the unfortunate demise of J.R.D. Tata, Ratan Tata assumed the position of Chairman of the Tata Group. Today, he is one of India’s most prominent billionaires. While most people recognize him as the Chairman of the Tata Group, only a few know that he initially aspired to work for an IT firm, and it was J.R.D. Tata who urged him to join the Tata Group.

Ratan Tata

In an old video that has resurfaced on the internet, Ratan Tata revealed how he created his CV to join the Tata Group. For those unaware, he holds a degree in architecture and structural engineering from Cornell University. He was so influenced by the American lifestyle that he was ready to settle in Los Angeles. However, circumstances compelled him to return to India due to his grandmother’s ailing health.


Ratan Tata’s journey from an employee crafting his bio-data on an electric typewriter to becoming a global business icon is a testament to his vision and determination. His contribution to the Tata Group’s success story is unparalleled, and he continues to inspire generations with his leadership and dedication.

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