Explosive controversy: Urgent Resignation Demand for Spain Football Chief Luis Rubiales

Spain football chief Luis Rubiales

Spanish football organization has asked Luis Rubiales to step down as its president because he kissed Jenni Hermoso without her consent at the Women’s World Cup. The leaders of the football federation held an emergency meeting and insisted that Rubiales resign due to the harm his actions caused.

What the Football Federation Stated

In response to the recent events that damaged the reputation of Spanish football, the federation stated that Luis Rubiales should immediately quit his position as the president. This comes after Hermoso shared that she felt vulnerable and like a victim of an impulsive act without her agreement.

Demand for change in management

The statement from the football officials also expressed the need for a significant change in how the organization is managed. Many Spanish players have demanded this change following the incident. They want new people in key positions to lead Spanish football in a better direction.

Global Outcry Against Rubiales

Women football players from around the world have stood by Hermoso. The Spanish national women’s team joined Hermoso in a letter, saying they won’t represent their country unless the current leaders of the football federation step down. Other players and teams internationally also condemned Rubiales’ behavior and his refusal to resign.

Former Player’s Reaction

Nadine Angerer, a former goalkeeper and Women’s World Cup winner, expressed her disgust over the incident. She emphasized the importance of treating women’s football with respect and understanding, calling for more awareness and normal respect from men involved in the sport.

FIFA’s Response

FIFA temporarily suspended Rubiales and directed him not to contact Hermoso or her associates. The suspension will last for 90 days while they investigate if Rubiales violated the principles of decency and brought the sport into disrepute. Spanish prosecutors have also opened a sexual assault case against Rubiales.

Potential Consequences

The head of Spain’s sports regulatory body, Victor Francos, who is also the country’s sports minister, plans to bring Rubiales before a tribunal. This could lead to his suspension from his role as the head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Francos compared the situation to the “MeToo” movement, emphasizing the need for change and accountability.

In summary, Spain’s football federation has asked Luis Rubiales to resign due to his non-consensual kiss incident, which has caused outrage and demands for change from players and organizations worldwide.

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